Visiting Tech Humans Of Dublin # 33: Zach Inglis & Laura Sanders, HybridConf

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

LS: Dublin’s been great. We’ve been here for a week and a half, and we’ve met so many people. Everyone has been really helpful, and really friendly, and introduced us to even more people who wanted to help us.
ZI: You have the big international companies here, but they’re not drowning out the smaller voices. I’ve seen all varieties of people being able to do really interesting things in tech. There’s so much going on in Dublin. Everyone’s involved in some sort of meet up or event, and there’s a very proactive community wanting to get together and do cool things and help each other out, which is great. This is the sort of community we want to benefit in return. It was a pretty easy decision to make to come here.
LS: HybridConf is a two-day, all-inclusive event. We move around, we did the first one in Cardiff, the second one in Stockholm, and this year we’re in Dublin. The purpose originally was to bring designers and developers together, to help them communicate better, but it’s really progressed from that to being about helping everyone in the tech industry to be inspired to work better together. We’ve gathered a great core group of friends, who now come every year – we’ve made couples, we’ve made businesses. There’s a real social element to what we do, which is really important.
ZI: Developers and designers just don’t talk, in a lot of cases they make each other’s lives harder but they don’t understand why. So, the idea was to break that down. And when you’ve got designers and developers in the room together, and they go to get lunch, they’re still going to stick together, in groups – designers with designers, developers with developers. So we make sure they all stick around, and have lunch together, and hang out, and mingle.
LS In a lot of workplaces people don’t necessarily talk to each other that much, they stay in their own teams. And then conferences are only focused on one thing or the other, so if they go and mingle with new people they’re still only with their own. That’s why we wanted to target our event at both groups, so that everyone could come and learn, from the speakers and from each other as well.
ZI: I come from both worlds. Developers and designers don’t hate each other, but they could definitely understand each other a little more. I think developers sometimes think that designers overdesign things, and make them too complicated, when in reality they often make things easier for the user. If the developer can understand better where the designer is coming from, then they can implement their design better.
LS: The attendees who travel to our event come from absolutely everywhere, and we love to show them different cities and how great they are. We’ll have a lot of people coming here who haven’t been to Dublin before, and they get to see this great city. And we’re excited to do that.
ZI: Dublin’s what I call a large small city, in London it’s area by area, here its street by street – you can walk a block and things change completely. There’s a really nice mix in that way. And we haven’t had a bad meal since we got here.


HybridConf 2015 takes place in Dublin on August 20-21.

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