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Michael Cullen

Michael is Product Marketing Manager at SoftCoGroup and a contributor to DublinGlobe, SaaScribe, and VentureBeat. He specialises in SaaS, marketing, and business economics, and is a beer and pizza enthusiast. @MichaelCullen87

Articles written by this contributor:

Grown Up: Learnings from the Newstalk SaaS Bootcamp

The Newstalk SaaS Bootcamp was launched in October 2015 with the explicit aim to help scaling Irish B2B SaaS companies build a sales …

18 July 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Deconstructing The Dublin Startup Database

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Dublin’s startup ecosystem: this ever-expanding list of new companies offers a very positive sign for the city’s future.

04 April 2016 / By Michael Cullen

3 Leading VCs’ View of SaaS in Europe

With big SaaS names like Zendesk, Intercom, Teamwork, New Voice Media, and many more besides emerging out of Europe in recent years, it is clear that SaaS in Europe is on the up.

14 March 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Key Takeaways From The 2nd Dublin SaaS Meetup

A group of aspiring entrepreneurs and founders from Dublin’s vibrant and ever-growing SaaS startup scene gathered to learn from some of the industry’s foremost investors about how to go about raising seed and series A funding.

04 March 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Phorest: Seeing The Wood For The Trees In Business Growth

Phorest’s stated mission is to help salon and spa owners grow their business so knowing what it takes to grow a business is very much his bread and butter.

02 March 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Social Honey: Decoding A Dublin SaaS Contender

The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone: Having recently written about Dublin’s unique advantage in Big Data and its potential to become a global …

15 January 2016 / By Michael Cullen

We’re Kind of a Big Deal in Big Data

Dublin has very much become the second home of Software as a Service (SaaS), and has succeeded in attracting a myriad of big …

12 November 2015 / By Michael Cullen

Boxever: A Lesson in Vertical SaaS

Via SaaScribe: “Vertical focus, how they approach their addressable market, that’s why they’ve earned the right to beat Salesforce in a deal even …

02 September 2015 / By Michael Cullen

What Makes Dublin The Second Home Of SaaS?

What is it about Dublin that has attracted the big, established giants of the SaaS industry, as well as the up and coming …

07 July 2015 / By Michael Cullen