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Maura McElhone

Maura McElhone is the Community Manager at Clinch. @maurawrites

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Female Founders First: Dublin Leads the Charge

Women-led startups do better. Fact. So, why don’t we see more of them? Fact. The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone.

18 April 2016 / By Maura McElhone

Dublin’s Invent Showcase: Celebrating Irish Tech & Innovation

Nine inventors, nine ideas. The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone. Nine consumer products imagined, designed, and created in Ireland, soon to launch on …

29 January 2016 / By Maura McElhone

Commentary: Dublin, Startups & The Battle Of The Burnout

‘Workplace has become terrain of insecurity and exhaustion’, read the headline in a recent edition of The Irish Times. Not the lightest of …

28 April 2015 / By Maura McElhone