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John Dennehy

John Dennehy is the founder and CEO of recruitment company Zartis and, a recruitment software tool. He has worked as a founder or co-founder in Internet and media companies for almost twenty years. @JohnDennehy

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Moving to Dublin 101: Work Permits for Techies

Article sponsored by Ding. The hardest thing about getting a work permit for a candidate moving to Ireland from outside the EU is …

14 November 2016 / By John Dennehy

Dublin’s Got Talent

Tech hubs are constantly evolving ecosystems, and each has its ebb and flow of talent. Dublin’s tale of talent is an interesting one …

18 July 2016 / By John Dennehy

Calling Dublin Tech: Time To Consider Hiring Remote Workers?

For the past four years, Zartis has been helping software developers move from around the world to Ireland. We’ve had people move to avoid war in Ukraine, recession in Spain, and some just come for the craic.

24 March 2016 / By John Dennehy

A Thank You To The Irish Tech Sector

This week the world looks different to me; brighter than at any point in the last seven years. A major recession from 2008 …

25 August 2015 / By John Dennehy

Toolbox: How To Hire In A Super-Hot Tech Market

There’s a new reality in tech recruitment in Dublin. More employers are making more offers to the (largely) same pool of candidates. Developers …

28 May 2015 / By John Dennehy

Dublin Tech Is Hiring 27/04/15

Dublin Globe asked John Dennehy of full stack recruitment company Zartis to select a noteworthy vacancy in Dublin Tech. This week: Ryanair Labs …

27 April 2015 / By John Dennehy

You’re Hired! Attracting Tech Talent To Dublin

Cities that are attractive to live in tend to have great tech sectors. Think of San Francisco, London, Sydney, Vancouver and, increasingly, Dublin. …

20 April 2015 / By John Dennehy

Toolbox: Dublin Tech Is Hiring

John Dennehy is the founder of, a full stack recruitment company. He’s worked with growing tech companies for twenty years. Here, he …

25 March 2015 / By John Dennehy