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Irina Dzhambazova

Irina loves the human story of techies. She writes few of them, but mostly handpicks and edits those of others for this publication @strawbana

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The Irish SaaS mafia at SaaStock18

SaaStock18 officially kicks off tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited! SaaStock was born and raised as a conference on these shores. Founders, …

15 October 2018 / By Irina Dzhambazova

SaaStock welcomes the ‘Irish mafia’ with stellar speaker lineup

SaaStock is a global conference with a European heart, and it happens on the door step of some fine Irish-born and Irish-adopted SaaS heroes. …

14 September 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

SaaStock shows the potential of the SaaS model

Dublin is a tech conference city. That didn’t change when one staple conference left the city in the Autumn of 2016. On the …

08 September 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

A Love Note to Dublin Tech

I am sitting in 3FE as I write these words of farewell, and wish you a good night and good luck. It’s a …

02 May 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

A Day in Dublin: 3 Tech Events, 14.9 Kilometres and One Garda Ticket

Dublin’s tech event calendar is always jam packed with quality. On October 20th, instead of just obliging myself to choose between three great …

28 October 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Digital Health is in our Blood

The last time I got blood work done it took only 9 minutes. Five of them were spent in the blood clinic. The …

02 September 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

TechIreland: A Tale Of Irish Innovation

Since the beta launch of TechIreland, many people have asked whether this was a quickly-assembled initiative in response to Brexit. As ideal as …

11 July 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Notes On #Brexit: Dublin Goes Forward

I moved here a year and a half ago, inspired by the story of an independent island beyond the UK that supports its …

04 July 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Inside Intercom: From A Cupcake Event To A World Tour

When the Dublin leg of the “Inside Intercom World Tour” came to town, the weather called for anything but spending the evening indoors. …

10 June 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Tech On Tap: HubSpot Believes In Dublin Tech

HubSpot, a proponent of the concept of inbound marketing and creator of a powerful technology to enable its execution, recently announced a move to a new Dublin office and the creation of 320 new jobs over the next few years.

20 May 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Bringing Business Of Software To Dublin

The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone: Mark Littlewood likes bright shirts, has a loud voice and a roaring laugh. His Business Of Software event is coming to Dublin.

06 May 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Start Me Up: Moving to Dublin 101

The twitter bio of David Scanlon, a Venture Investment Leader with NDRC and former project executive in Enterprise Ireland, reads thusly: “Used to sell Ireland”.

29 April 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Primer: Meet Dublin’s MedTech Contenders

Eureka moments in MedTech are not trivial. When you are surrounded by more than 27,000 fellow MedTech inventors, creators, manufacturers, researchers and providers, however, those moments have a better chance to land.

29 March 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Learning Curve: 5 Keys To Dublin EdTech Success

A constantly developing and improved unique mix of commercial savvy, noble passion, successful legacy, strong international relations and a culture of giving are behind the success of SoapBox Labs and a growing number of other EdTech startups.

22 February 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Dublin’s Research Revolution

There is a research revolution happening in Dublin. A new breed of organisations spurred with one aim in mind: produce research excellence, which …

22 January 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova