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Space Oddities: Understanding Dublin’s Startup Hubs

Via The Sunday Business Post: The startup scene has grown from basic concepts to a broad range of homes.

29 February 2016 / By Emmet Ryan

Dubliner David Burke: Meet Google’s Mr Android

The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone: When the buck stops with you for more than 80 per cent of the world’s smartphones, it’s …

04 December 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Connected: Galway’s Tech Tribe

Via The Sunday Business Post: with startup hubs exploding in Galway City, Emmet Ryan talks to the talented people leading the charge. If …

25 November 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

ZenDesk, Dublin And The Art Of Managing Growth

Via The Sunday Business Post: Dublin needs to get higher, a lot higher, according to the head of ZenDesk’s operation in Ireland. The …

11 November 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Drop: Weighing Up The Internet Of Things

The Big Read, powered by Vodafone: Dublin-based kitchen technology start-up Drop is set to treble its workforce in the next year with a …

01 October 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Ireland ‘Can Be A Payments Tech Hub’

Via The Sunday Business Post: Ireland has the potential to be Europe’s payments technology hub, according to Eric Horgan, country manager of Elavon. …

07 September 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Augmented Reality Gets Real In Dublin

Meet Dublin’s Augmented Reality players, with Daqri, Panokam, Logograb & more. After years of false starts in the consumer space, augmented reality looks …

29 July 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

How Mattress Mick Became A Dublin Social Media Superstar

A Delorean pulls up on a Dublin street, young people start hip hop dancing and a middle aged man starts rapping about mattresses. …

20 July 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Redefining The Docks

Via The Sunday Business Post: When people think of Silicon Docks, they visualise the Grand Canal, offset on either side with corporate new-builds. …

30 June 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

The Next Step For Silicon Docks

Via The Sunday Business Post: If the name is a touch tacky, it’s Silicon Valley’s fault, as multiple tech hubs across the world …

22 June 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

FashionTech Takes Root In Dublin

Via The Sunday Business Post: Despite being located right between the two biggest fashion technology hubs in the world, Dublin is only starting …

17 June 2015 / By Emmet Ryan

Inside Movidius: Chips With Everything

Earlier this month, Irish technology company Movidius raised €38 million in funding, with the market estimating its value at up to €250 million. …

08 May 2015 / By Emmet Ryan