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Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler is the Tech Editor for the Irish Independent. @adrianweckler Irish Independent

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Angels Wanted As Irish Startups Face Venture Capital Seed Fund Crunch

Via If you’re an Irish tech startup looking for funding of under €5m, look out: there’s a crunch coming. Or so says …

17 August 2015 / By Adrian Weckler

Why Ireland’s Data Commissioner Matters

How influential is the Irish Data Protection Commissioner? How much do Facebook and Apple defer to her office when preparing major new features? …

06 July 2015 / By Adrian Weckler

Stripe’s John Collison Tees It up For Tech Startups

Via Should startups ditch Europe for Silicon Valley? Are valuations of tech firms overhyped? And how will payments with social media services …

29 June 2015 / By Adrian Weckler

Dublin Has Turned Its Start-Up Problem Around

Via Are we fooling ourselves when we say that Dublin is a real ‘start-up city’? Does it really compare to places such …

19 May 2015 / By Adrian Weckler

Ireland’s New Data Chief: Forget About The Light Touch

Via Last year, Helen Dixon was appointed to one of the most influential internet regulatory jobs in Europe. As Ireland’s Data Protection …

05 May 2015 / By Adrian Weckler