Bren Byrne: OFFSETting Irish Design and Creativity

Culture bits, sponsored by CurrencyFair. Bren Byrne and Lisa Haran are the directors of Ireland’s (and one of Europe’s) freshest design happenings, OFFSET. I …

10 February 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

The Green Phone

With our innate talents and the accelerating forces of technology, it’s within our grasp to develop the risk management domain expertise from within Ireland. There is no reason Ireland cannot become for financial services risk and compliance what Israel is for cyber-security risk.

06 February 2017 / By Thomas Deely

Built in Dublin Episode 2: Paul Quigley, NewsWhip

Built in Dublin is a series of short video stories, created in collaboration with RTÉ. It spotlights MediaTech founders and their startups, changing …

06 February 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Notes from the Commish: Tipping Point

When the world’s best known VC, Fred Wilson broke his silence about the extreme and divisive policies of the new US president on Sunday, his large …

02 February 2017 / By Niamh Bushnell

Introducing “Built in Dublin”

We pride ourselves on the many strong tech clusters in Dublin and across Ireland. Here at Dublin Globe, we’ve spent time highlighting many …

30 January 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova