Welcome To Dublin Globe. You’re A Total Legend. But You Probably Knew That Already.

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We love ideas. We love tech. We love creativity. And we LOVE Dublin. Above all else, we love the endless possibility of it all.

What is Dublin Globe? 
It’s about telling the world that Dublin is a major global hub of startup activity. That we host the world’s major tech companies AND breed brilliance of our own.

This publication is your go-to source for tech excellence, one success story at a time. We let you know what’s happening right now, and what’s happening next. We document the Dublin tech ecosystem, from the multinationals to the cream of Dublin’s startup crop, and celebrate those virtual Dubliners who serve as our ambassadors across the globe.

We are an initiative of the Dublin Startup Commissioner’s Office  – like that office, we possess a voice and a sensibility that is entirely independent.

We’re taking Dublin tech, innovation and design off the business pages, and into the mainstream. Our currency is creativity, and we’re cashing in big time. On a daily basis, we’ll make a winning case for Dublin as a global startup centre of excellence, and encourage – scratch that, demand – the rest of the world catches up. Pronto.

So do join us, and please spread the good word. It’s going to be beautiful.


Photo: Anthony O’Connor

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