Want to reach your audience? Twitter is your best bet, according to new study

According to a recent study Twitter connects brands to the most influential audience when they are the most receptive.

Reaching the right people, at the right time in the right mindframe is increasingly a challenge for marketers across sectors. A recent study shows that Twitter’s audience is influential and at its most receptive, which can help marketers with this dilemma.

Twitter’s audience is valuable for its influence

Twitter users are influential in their social circles and  they share their recommendations and assessments regularly, more so than the average internet user: almost two thirds of Europeans on Twitter (76 percent) love to express their opinions on favorite topics. This is well above the average for all Internet users (69 percent). Twitter users are also a fountain of knowledge for their social circles. Nearly two thirds of Europeans on Twitter (64 percent) are regularly asked for advice from friends and family when making a purchase decision (Internet users: 53 percent).

On Twitter, people like to exchange information about products and brands: 66 percent regularly share their opinions, 78 percent actively seek the opinions of other people on individual products and services. What’s more, Twitter users  are more influential than the average internet user  across  all products and services categories explored.

Twitter connects you to the most influential audience when they are the most receptive

The good news for all advertisers: With the right strategy, they can quickly and effectively reach influential people for their brand on Twitter. Because: Consumers are turning to Twitter to see what’s happening, closely immersed and open to taking in new information, which means that Twitter users are in a “discovery mindset”.

Europeans on Twitter are therefore more likely to discover new things than the average (79 percent vs. 73 percent), are more open-minded about new things (75 percent vs. 70 percent) and like to be the first to try out new things (58 percent vs. 44 percent). This creates ideal conditions for brands to reach consumers when they are the most receptive.

Barry Collins, Senior Director of Twitter Client Solutions: “While lots of other apps and platforms are about: ‘Look at me’, Twitter is definitely saying: ‘Look at that’. This is what makes Twitter unique. People on Twitter are open-minded and curious. They want to discover new things and share and discuss them with the community. That’s what makes them so valuable as a target group for advertisers.” 

Brand-conscious and loyal: an attractive target group

Europeans on Twitter also prove to be a particularly attractive target group for brand communication in other respects: They are more willing to pay more for high-quality products than the average online population (55 percent, Internet users: 46 percent). Especially if the product comes from a preferred brand (52 percent vs. 43 percent). They are also more likely to be brand loyal. Once a brand has won the trust of people on Twitter, they often take part in loyalty programmes (53 percent vs. 44 percent).

Note: These are the results of a Europe-wide usage study, which Twitter conducted together with Kantar Media among more than 10,500 Internet users, including more than 4,800 people on Twitter.

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