Video: HOME\SICK in Forty Seconds

Housed at Trinity College, Dublin’s Science Gallery is a ‘living experiment’ that bridges art and science, unleashing their combined creative potential.

It’s also one of Dublin’s top cultural attractions – since 2008, they’ve played host to over 1.9 million visitors. Here’s their latest exhibition:

HOME\SICK: POST-DOMESTIC BLISS explores how our homes might be reconfigured and reimagined as centres of connection in spite of emigration, of intimacy in spite of digital distraction, of food and energy production rather than consumption. Our unhealthy and socially divisive addiction to home ownership and traditional idealisation of home and family are out of date for a mobile, networked and fragmented society. This experience looks at the meanings of home, from rubbish to robots and microbes to micro-dwellings, asking whether the changing nature of home is for better or worse.

HOME\SICK runs until 19th of June 2015.

MORE: Available of the Science Gallery’s extensive YouTube archive HERE.

MORE: Science Gallery shows us that home is where the heart and the hazards are (Irish Times)

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