Ten Important Lessons From #Inspirefest2015, In Tweets

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Well, that was an event with a difference.

It’s not often conference speakers will get you angry about the world, move you to tears – then inspire you to go out and “help a shit-tonne of people while making a shit-tonne of money,” all in the same day.

But Inspirefest 2015 wasn’t your average conference: it was equal parts heartfelt and hard-hitting, and, though it might seem cheesy to say, it really was genuinely inspiring.

If you missed out on the fun last week, we’ve rounded up a few takeaways, as told in tweets from attendees:

1. We’re doing okay at gender equality in tech here in Ireland – though things could always be better:

That said, there’s an inspiring history of strong Irish women to draw from:

 2. It’s never going to be easy facing down an army of trolls:

And gender bias isn’t always conscious – the online implicit-association test proves it:

3. The ‘conference cycle’ of all-male speakers is doing nothing to help:

…in an industry where what sound like lines from TV’s Silicon Valley often turn out to be real:

4. Women are always a ‘disruptive’ presence in tech. And that’s a good thing:

 5. It’s proven that women make excellent founders: 

Not to mention the rich and oft-untold history of female innovators..

…who paved the way for latter-day heroes:

6. A more equal future will be a more profitable one:

7. The business of patronising moms needs to stop right now:

  Not just for the good of women now, but for future generations:

8.  It’s STEAM not STEM–the ‘a’ is for  Arts – and the future belongs to creatives as much as it does coders:

  This change is for everyone – every gender, every age, all over the world:

9.  The future is in good hands:

Though it’s not going to be simple – there’s a ‘glass maze’ to be negotiated:

But there’s no shortage of role models. Take Cindy Gallop (or Imperator Furiosa, for that matter…)

 Our very own Startup Commish gave some excellent advice:

10.  It was a really special couple of days:

  Oh, and a certain Irish premiere is totally on board:

  …so you’d better be there next year!

Photo: Conor McCabe Photography (via Silicon Republic)

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