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It’s very easy to overdose on SXSW coverage, seeing your timeline suddenly fill up with pictures of breakfast burritos and ‘#insights’ from ‘#brands’.

But this really was the year to be Irish at SXSW: Enda Kenny (Americans tend to call him our Prime Minister, as attempts to pronounce ‘Taoiseach’ often end in tragedy) spoke about why Ireland is producing the best startups, and we sent a delegation of some of our finest tech companies over to Austin.

To keep you up to speed, here’s our SXSW round-up in Tweet form:

13th March
The 28th annual South by Southwest began, with some of our favourite Irish tech folk in town for Interactive 2015.

There’s a rush to bring your A-game while taking in everything Austin has to offer… 

such as collecting essential startup swag…

..and remembering to take notes on the panels. 

14th March

The SXSW Irish consulate opened:

SXSW Interactive was in session, highlighting the best of Irish entrepreneurship with help from TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher. 

Remember, SXSW is serious business…

…with Irish companies coming out on top. 

March 15th
It’s all about that hustle: SXSW called for a creative approach to marketing.

And it wouldn’t be the same without the legendary parties.

On the 15th, The CEO of Ireland Inc. takes to the podium…

..and later gets mobbed by leprechauns. 

March 16th

This total legend gave Dublin Globe his blessing:

Meanwhile, free doughnuts were a perk of the job: 

March 17th
For anyone still standing, the party was still going strong.

March 18th

This REALLY was the year to be Irish at SXSW.

And finally:

Never forget. Never.

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