Feeling The 3 Forces Of Dublin: The Commish Does SXSW

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Dublin Globe grand fromage and Dublin Startup Commissioner Niamh Bushnell rocked this year’s SXSW Interactive, spreading the Dublin Globe gospel, armed with the festival’s hottest swag*.

‘My purpose in Austin was to spread the gospel about Dublin as a great tech city and to get a feel for how other cities were promoting themselves and why. Everyone I met really liked the idea of the Dublin Startup Commissioner role, and talking about it was a great opener to a conversation about what I call the “3 forces of Dublin” – startups, multinationals and ecosystem – that together make us unique, innovative and give us a competitive advantage over other cities.’

Read her report in full HERE. And please note the bus in the background of our SXSW pic, snapped on the streets of Austin, advertising the new season of TV show Penny Dreadful – made in Dublin, naturally. Fact: we’re everywhere.


*No, you can’t have one. She gave them all away. 

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