Dogpatch Goes Underground: A New Startup Space For Dublin

Dogpatch Labs has announced that they will be expanding into the vaults under the CHQ building at the IFSC, seeing the historical location become a new startup hub.

Dogpatch-Vaults Dublin-Globe
The vaults below the CHQ at present.

Already one of Dublin’s best-known coworking spaces, attracting names like Boxever, Logentries, CoderDojo and Intercom, Dogpatch promise that the new space will act as a resource for the wider tech community, who will be able to host meetups, workshops, events and hackathons there.

Vault A - 3D Images - 5
A 3D rendering of the vaults post-development.

The vaults under CHQ are uniquely woven into the history of local business in the district. They were built over two hundred years ago to store wine shipped in from across the world to Dublin’s docks. The announcement from Dogpatch will place them at the heart of new developments in the IFSC under the framework of the IFS2020 plan, transforming an underground space the length of the CHQ building into an ‘off-site innovation hub’.

Ulster Bank, who are sponsoring the new space, will have a five person Fintech Innovation Solutions Team working from CHQ side-by-side with high growth local startups and IDA clients.

Work on the vaults expansion is set to begin immediately, with doors set to open this November.

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Pictured: Maeve McMahon of Ulster Bank, with Dogpatch MD Patrick Walsh and Minister for State Simon Harris (in background)

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