Fancy a chat? Come along to this week’s #1stFriBrekkie at Startup Dublin

When it comes to working with a startup or launching your own, whether it’s long or short-lived, one of the most memorable things about the journey is likely to be the community.

You could be in Dublin or Donegal, Silicon Valley or Sligo, and you’ll be sure to find someone hosting a startup meet-up or event. There is a uniqueness to working in the tech business and that community is a huge part of that.

At Dublin Globe, it’s our mission to be your go-to source for all things tech, telling all of your success stories, learnings and bringing you together at events.

How can we do this better?  Well, we want you to tell us! 

So, come along to our October #1stFriBrekkie at Startup Dublin and tell us how we can best serve your community.

This month, I (Amanda Connolly, editor of Dublin Globe) and Sarah Leahy, Tech Concierge, will be talking about how we are working together to promote the great startup city that is Dublin.

We value your input and thoughts on how we can best serve the startup community in Dublin so we’ll be opening the floor to hear your thoughts!

Instead of talking at you, we want to talk with you! We know this is a little different to our usual brekkies but if you’re in the mood for a chat, we’d love to have you along!

You can sign up here to attend:

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