TravTab is a new app that wants to help you pay for your holiday

We are in the middle of holiday season and people are already starting to plan and save for next year’s jaunts. However, it can be pretty heartbreaking when you’re browsing online and you spot your dream holiday but you can’t afford to just book it on the spot.

In today’s travel industry, there are very few options online and offline to pay off your holiday conveniently and at your own pace. While frustrating for the traveler, it also limits sales channels and customer bases for travel agencies and tour operators. 


That’s where TravTab comes in. The Irish startup is looking to solve the niggling issue with the launch of its new payment app, which allows users to pat off their booking balance through a once off payment or by scheduling instalments for daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

For travel agencies, TravTab can be used as a sales tool to allow customers to make their booking well in advance with a flexible payment option.

Managing group holidays

If you have ever travelled with a group, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to get everything sorted when you’re communicating with multiple people and relying on everyone to make and track their payments.

TravTab’s group management feature simplifies the whole process by allowing a lead passenger  to add friends/ family to the booking while also having the ability to assign each individual with a specific amount helping everyone pay off their share of the holiday costs.

Another feature TravTab have included in the App is ‘Payment Wall’. Each payment made by an individual is time stamped while also being deducted from the overall cost of the booking.

Each person on the booking can decide to pay as “anonymous” with the lead passenger being the only one with full visibility anonymous or not.

Plain sailing

All payments made by customers through the app are visible by the travel agency or tour operator on their TravTab dashboard. They receive notifications for each payment that’s made, with a summary of the outstanding amount remaining for the booking.


Having recently launched, TravTab has signed its first big client here in Ireland, which the company says ‘includes some well known household travel agency brands’.

TravTabs CEO Alan Masterson explains: “As a frequent traveller throughout the years, I have always found the current payment options available to me are outdated and not convenient by comparison to advancements in the payments and technology industries. This indicates that there is room for massive disruption within the travel industry for a convenient mobile payment option”.

TravTab currently has its sights on the Irish & UK market with the view of entering international markets in the near future.

TravTab raised initial funding from well-known angel investors in the travel space and its founders say they are closing a seed round in the coming months with a mix of angels and institutional investors.

“The TravTab app is built with both the traveller and travel agency in mind,” says Alan Masterson.

“Going on holiday, is and always was, a deeply joyful experience. With TravTab’s app, we aim to revolutionise the payment process in the travel industry by making it an entirely more convenient and a hassle free experience.”

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