Introducing… Cryptoshift

Introducing Cryptoshift

A new, Irish-made way to keep push notifications safe from prying eyes. Kevin Abosch appears to be one of those old-fashioned polymaths, the kind that were possibly ubiquitous during the Renaissance era but are few and far between in 2015. When he’s not photographing the Faces of Ireland for Dublin Airport or producing those Web Summit pictures everybody wants as their profiler, he’s writing essays on Artificial Intelligence and co-founding Kwikdesk, a platform for the secure movement of data.

By dispensing with logins, passwords, cookies and IP tracking, Kwikdesk allowed users to send self-destructing messages completely anonymously, which could only be found and retrieved if the recipient knew which tag to look for.

Since then, Kwikdesk has produced OneOne, an app which allows untraceable text messaging. Now they’re back again with Cryptoshift, which addresses the issue of push notification privacy. Described as a ‘platform-as-a-service that powers secure push notifications’, Cryptoshift adds end-to-end encryption so that notifications remain for whom they are intended.

The service is debuting with a free starter plan with use limited to 1000 devices, or for $350 per month you can have unlimited apps, unlimited devices and 10,000,000 notifications. Plus: enterprise plans, custom SLAs and 24/7 customer support. Take a road test here.

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