Discover a different side to Dublin (and beyond) with ActaFun

How many times have you squandered hours away trying to figure out where to go with your friends or family or what activities you could do at the weekend? Well, ActaFun wants to make sure you never have to experience that frustration again.

The newly launched website allows users to discover and book a range of activities in Dublin and beyond. These include everything from a Northside Ghost Walk and a roller disco in Dublin to FootGolf in Cork and indoor rock climbing in Limerick.

ActaFun partners with activity providers and makes sure all activities on the website are being booked at the best prices, with no booking fees for users and are bringing on more activities regularly.

Steven Kinvi and his two co-founders (Dammy and Frank) built the company directly after graduating from college. “We are very active but it was too time-consuming to find fun things to do with friends in our spare times,” Steven said.

I built something that I really needed. I just felt like activities and fun things to do should be easy to find and book with no hassle.” 

Now with a small team of six people, ActaFun’s vision is to bring people together and do fun, challenging and memorable activities. Their current users are made up of a mix of young professionals, groups of friends, tourists and families, usually between 22-40.

To support the community feeling behind the company, the founders also created a Facebook group to encourage groups of people who might not know each other to get involved in activities over the summer.

“We plan to do more indoor activities such as Ice Skating, Rock climbing and Escape Vr while it’s cold outside,” said Steven.

For the activity providers, Actafun is a way of keeping their booking numbers topped up during off-peak times and it also reduces the amount of time their on-site staff need to spend dealing with taking bookings. 

ActaFun has the backing of one angel investor and is currently seeking further investment as it heads towards launching its app later this month and expanding into the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid in the next twelve months. 

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