ChangeX: 100 People, 100 Community Projects, 100 Days

From The Irish Times: Introducing ChangeX, an inspired new grassroots community initiative, based in Dublin’s Dogpatch Labs, which launched today:

Paul O’Hara, founder of the nonprofit company ChangeX, wants your help. He wants 100 people to launch 100 community projects over the next 100 days via the website showcases proven socially beneficial ideas that you could try in your neighbourhood. Think of Fighting Words, which runs writing workshops for young people; or Grow It Yourself (GIY), which encourages people to produce their own food, or Foodcloud, which distributes what would be wasted food to charitable organisations; or Fáilte Isteach, which links immigrants with older English-language tutors.

The internet has always been good at disseminating cat pictures and outrage, but ChangeX wants to use it to spread ideas like these. “There are all these great ideas around the world,” says O’Hara. “So why can’t they spread more effectively from one area to the next? The idea was to build an online technology platform and put all the world’s proven social ideas on there. So anyone trying to solve a problem in their community – it could be bullying, it could be homelessness, it could be ‘How do I get the community to be more physically active?’ – can come and find a solution.”

More: Secrets of a ‘grassrootsy’ start-up, by Patrick Freyne (Irish Times)

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