Built in Dublin Episode 8: Aisling Larkin and Louise Lennox, Foodoppi

Built in Dublin is a series of short video stories, created in collaboration with RTÉ. Each one spotlights MediaTech founders and startups who are changing the media industry from right here in Dublin.

In the eighth episode of the series, we meet Aisling Larkin and Louise Lennox, the co-founders of Foodoppi.

Foodoppi is a platform that teaches children about food and sciences and to scale its impact, Aisling and Louise have placed technology at its core. Aisling, an educator and an M.Sc food product designer, and Louise, a professional chef, had to learn everything about building tech and running a startup. Thanks to their gumption, as well as the supports they received from people in Dublin, they have become creative children’s food experts who know how to engage their audience. 

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