Built in Dublin Episode 3: Grainne Barron, Viddyad

Built in Dublin is a series of short video stories, created in collaboration with RTÉ. Each one spotlights MediaTech founders and startups who are changing the media industry from right here in Dublin.

In the third episode of the series we meet the CEO and founder of Viddyad, Grainne Barron.

Grainne founded Viddyad to empower businesses to create video ads in minutes. Early on, Grainne realised her idea needed valuable global partnerships so she jumped on a plane to New York, San Francisco, and Norway, where she signed key deals with prestigious companies like Getty Images. Grainne knew she had to wear her passion and vision on her sleeve – and show up in person – to make her business successful. Grainne believes Dublin is the best place to start a company. She particularly points to the amount of community support available and the unique spirit that suffuses the city.

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