Kind Of Blue: Linkedin Hearts Dublin

LinkedIn Hearts Dublin

This weekend’s must-read: The Sunday Business Post‘s fascinating interview with Linkedin co-founder Allen Blue. We got an exclusive preview…

“Ireland is a part of us now,” Blue tells SBP Business Editor Tom Lyons. “We want to have that culture not only here, but we want to pull something into the rest our offices around the world.”

Elsewhere in the piece, Blue expresses his unabashed enthusiasm for the capital: “I feel like Ireland, Dublin specifically, has all the pieces necessary to build the kind of culture [found in California.] I hesitate to say become a Silicon Valley… Ireland should set out to be its own kind of innovation hub.”

“You want to build your own thing, create something that is right for the people who live and work here. Find the kind of things that they’re passionate about actually doing and contributing to the world. That’s why I don’t say build another Silicon Valley, but rather build the right kind of tech hub for Ireland.”

The full interview hits the newsstands (virtual or otherwise) this Sunday.


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