#HostAStartup: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship*

This story starts with how Niamh and her office have been working really hard on creating meaningful engagement, interaction, happenings… everything within the startup community.

I’ve done a lot of pondering lately around the startup community and its usefulness once you start building. And so, it is important to start this story with the beginning: an idea around creating real value for startups.

The idea was simple: match startups together. The occasion? The Web Summit. And so we at Opening.io got matched with Teamable.com.

Both startups are in the same space, HR and Recruitment. Teamable.com is a global, cloud-based software company that is passionate about using technology, data, and science to perfect the art of rapid, high-performance team formation. Here at Opening.io we employ linguistics algorithms to identify patterns within the structure and phrasing of job posts and CVs, converting them into data points to match candidates to suitable jobs. Teamable are a team of thirteen people, based in both San Francisco and in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Here at Opening we are five people, four based in Dublin, Ireland and one in Moscow, Russia.

Opening.io-WebSummit-Dublin-Globe Opening.io and Teamable.com members @ Web Summit

And so the matching email came in. And we started talking. We immediately wanted to know how we could help and we immediately formed a bond: that of startup founders in the middle of building, with all the ups and downs and ups and downs… and ups, as the few occasions we got to spend time together can absolutely, wholeheartedly qualify as ups.

I emailed Meruzh today and asked him to describe, in a few bullet points, the outcomes of his (and his team’s) visit to Ireland and the Web Summit. This is his reply:

Hey Andreea,

Just arrived in Yerevan. Need to collect all thoughts around this, but briefly:

• New potential clients
• New amazing friends (you are leading this list :p)
• New connections
• New experiences (new culture, surfing, local pubs with amazing local bands).

Teamable-WebSummit Dublin-Globe The Teamable.com Team @ Web Summit

Has this initiative created meaning?

To be quite honest, if friendship means anything… Rhetorical, eh?

Meruzh, Hov, Laura and Alina, it was great meeting you!

Much love from Andreea, Adrian and Roli.

P.S. This is not an ode to the Web Summit, but it is one to efforts of creating meaning.

More of it, Ireland.

*Any excuse for a Casablanca reference.

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