Dublin TeleTech Company Anam Rated Best In The World For SMS Firewalls

The beauty of Dublin’s technology industry is that it’s so diverse. There are, of course, the big tech giants with their names written on buildings. There are also the little startups coming up with groundbreaking innovations that are sure to change the world around us.

And then there is another class of Dublin tech companies – the local team that makes it big. The everyday consumer may never see their name but companies like Intercom and Stripe have become integral parts in how businesses operate.

The latter is where Anam Technologies exists. The Dublin-headquartered company uses patented technology to help filter text messages for mobile phone networks around the world. Essentially, they help keep our phones connected by getting rid of spam and other digital “junk.”

Anam also analyses network usage for those telecommunication companies to help them run more efficiently and find new revenue streams.

Last week, telecom industry researcher ROCCO rated Anam as the best SMS firewall vendor in the world. The researchers survey mobile phone networks in 141 countries asking them about the companies working behind the scenes.

Looking at aspects like credibility, reliability, technical competence, and leadership, ROCCO says of the 15 biggest players in the field, Anam came out on top. Anam is the first Irish company to receive such a high distinction in the annual report.

Chief Commercial Officer Brian D’Arcy spoke with Dublin Globe’s Kevin Kline about the report and the future of Dublin’s telecom tech industry…

Dublin Globe: Tell me a little bit about the ROCCO report and what that means for your team.

Brian D’Arcy: We are an Irish company. We are a client company of Enterprise Ireland. We have developed heavily in this sector and this industry. We believe we have focused sufficiently to get ahead of our competition and bring real value to our customers globally.

What’s good about this survey is that it’s independent validation of the work that we’ve done. It’s great for an Irish company to trade on the global stage and be recognised as the #1 player. From the perspective of this report, it’s a good thing. It doesn’t happen every day. 

Dublin Globe: What sets Anam apart from others in this field?

Brian D’Arcy: A lot of our competitors would traditionally have focused heavily on technology. Supplying a techno-solution to mobile operators. The telecoms world has developed quite a lot. What operators are looking for, a lot more, are solutions rather than just technology. They’re looking for vendors who can bring them solutions for products that benefit their position, generate money, and bring economies of scale and efficiency.

What we’ve done is focus on application-to-person solution for mobile operators. We don’t just drop a box into the network. We stay with the solution and manage it. We drive revenues, and we bring value every month. That has been a big differentiator for us.

Dublin Globe: Where do you think the telecom industry will be going in the next five years?

Brian D’Arcy: There are already trends emerging. More and more operators are starting to look at the bottom line. The mobile industry for new customers is saturated. Everyone has a mobile phone. So how do you protect your revenue when you don’t really have access to new customers?

One of the things to improve is [operational] costs and increased efficiencies. What you’re starting to see are solutions being outsourced. Operators aren’t as keen to spend and are open to other models like a revenue share. If you can bring them incremental revenue, they may be willing to share some of that revenue with you as opposed to a cheque.

Dublin Globe: So the businesses are finding they can’t grow out of their problems. They have to get more efficient?

Brian D’Arcy: You only have so many people in a country to have a mobile phone. To compound the lack of growth is completion from over-the-top players [editor’s note: apps like Whatsapp]. You can see people using applications to make voice calls or send texts. They aren’t using a traditional voice caller or text. That is definitely creating challenges in the mobile space.

You also have regulation changing. The big regulation we saw in Europe this year was that roaming charges were eliminated. That was a big source of revenue, so that too is gone. It means, more and more, that they need to look at operating costs, efficiencies, and maximising revenues.

What’s good about Anam is that we trade in application-to-consumer revenue. Traditionally, this was a space where operators didn’t really pay attention. What we can do, in reality, is bring them a new revenue line. That’s got to be a good thing.

Dublin Globe: Tell me a little bit about the telecom community in Dublin.

Brian D’Arcy: There are some fantastic companies in the Dublin scene. You have OpenMind [Networks]. You have Adaptive. You have Cellusys. What’s kind of interesting with Ireland is we seem to play quite heavily on the stage for SMS.

There are quite a lot of companies that wouldn’t be really known in Ireland but are certainly are known on a global stage. There’s a lot of good telecom technology companies within Dublin community.

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