And How Was Your Year In Dublin Tech?

The Big Read, sponsored by Vodafone: Dublin Globe asked a choice selection of the Dublin tech players we featured in 2015 to tell us about their year, while looking forward to the year ahead.

One thing is certain: these are exciting times.


Paul Quigley, CEO and Founder of NewsWhip::

How was your 2015?
NewsWhip hired some great people in the last months of 2015. So quite simply, I’m excited for what they will build and do in 2016. We suspect we’re still scratching the surface for applications for our technology, and we have the solid architecture and loyal customer base to support brave experiments.

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:
I’m looking forward to employees of multinationals waking up, rubbing their eyes, and recognising that there is a really strong scene of domestic technology companies building world-class tech here in Dublin, with much more upside for staff than established companies. We’ll be waiting to welcome them aboard.

Dylan Collins Everything Is SuperAwesome

Dylan Collins, CEO and Founder of SuperAwesome:

How was your 2015?
SuperAwesome became the fastest growing digital kids’ startup in the world. We manage the brand safety for a quarter of a billion kids each month, have experienced 400% growth and now employ 70 people in five offices around the world. We’re just getting started. 2016 will see two big things for the kids sector: 1) accelerated migration from TV to digital (by the time you read this TV viewing for kids will have dropped again) and 2) the start of the EU rollout of kids’ data privacy laws which prevents profile-based advertising.

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:
More exits. Someone finds an historic loophole which allows UK EIS investors to invest in Irish companies. Enterprise Ireland acknowledge that freelancers exist in the workforce.


Darragh Curran, VP of Engineering with Intercom:

How was your 2015?
Myself and everyone at Intercom plan to continue to push ahead and build on the phenomenal trajectory from 2015. We’ll continue to build a world-class team and make new products, helping thousands more companies to communicate in simple and personal ways. I’m particularly excited about building out our developer platform, which will enable the creation of sustainable and profitable companies that serve our 13,000-and-rising install base.

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:

We expect to see more companies building world-class software products out of Dublin. I also expect we’ll continue to see more great people attracted to work in Dublin on these great products. I really hope that some of these companies will decide to build their business on top of the Intercom Platform.

CurrencyFair CEO Brett Meyers

Brett Meyers, CEO and founder of CurrencyFair:

How was your 2015?
Busy! We’ve got a range of new features coming out that will make transferring money international even more hassle free, as well as opening up some new international corridors. We’ve moved into our new HQ in Ballsbridge, which will be a great base for further growth, along with our expanding Australian office.

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:
There are so many innovative startups and people operating in Dublin right now. There’s a lot of noise around FinTech internationally as well as nationally at the moment, and our growth in users has been huge. Amidst the noise, buzz and marketing I’m curious to see where the real innovation will come from. We have many of the top international and tech and financial firms here, so it makes sense that Dublin can continue its growth as an innovator in this sector. I’m also interested in what Brexit could mean for London.


Eoghan Stack, DCU Ryan Academy:

How was your 2015?
There are some great incubators and accelerators around, and we’re beginning to see the successes of companies that have gone through them, like Logentries from NovaUCD, Storyful from Launchpad and Trustev in the NDRC.

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:
I’m looking forward to seeing more and more of these companies’ successes a couple years down the line and hopefully more support, space and structural support for native Irish startups.


Mark O’Toole, Chief Strategy Officer of Beachhut:

How was your 2015?
It’s been an interesting year: the startup scene has been maturing steadily over the last few years to the point that you are seeing some big follow-on investments and acquisitions, even more importantly we are seeing great Irish and Irish-founded companies building great products. I think it is very possible that we will see a billion dollar valuation Irish tech company in the near future, although 2016 may be a little too soon (but not too far off.)

Things I’d like to see for the Dublin startup scene in 2016:
My biggest hope is that structurally more flexibility is offered to early stage startups that need to make top hires from abroad, build and validate their product quickly and need workspace (most of the excellent spaces in Dublin are privately run, like Dogpatch Labs) I hope that post-election we might see some movement on this, because the will and skill is definitely there, it just needs support. It’s also important to tell the story of what’s going on in Dublin internationally; other cities aren’t shy about boasting about their positive points so we shouldn’t be either. That’s the only difference.

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