Your Dublin Moment Of Zen: The Great Hunger

Famine Memorial

Pictured: ‘Famine’ (1997) presented to the City of Dublin in 1997.

The sculpture is a commemorative work dedicated to those Irish people forced to emigrate during the 19th century Irish Famine. The bronze sculptures were designed and crafted by Dublin sculptor Rowan Gillespie and are located on Custom House Quay in Dublin’s Docklands. More HERE.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Via Silicon Republic: International start-ups are beginning to flock to Irish cities like Dublin and the Irish Government is aiming to sweeten the deal with a new €500,000 Competitive Start Fund. The Competitive Start Fund will provide up to €50,000 in equity supports for 10 successful start-ups to start their businesses in areas like internationally-focused manufacturing or internationally-traded services. The fund is part of Enterprise Ireland’s strategy for increasing the number of high potential start-ups (HPSUs) that have the potential to employ more than 10 people and achieve more than €1m in export sales within three years. More HERE.

Picture: Ashley Alfirevic

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