Your Dublin Moment Of Zen: Northside Skies

Skies Over Dublin Fionn Kidney

A snapshot from the Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: The sky over Dublin’s Northside, taken last night by Fionn Kidney.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Youbloom’s one day music conference is coming to Dublin this Saturday, June 13th. The conference aims to give an insight into the business elements involved in the music industry, and offers an opportunity to meet with industry insiders, hear their experiences and learn more about the internal workings of the industry.

Dublin’s MusicTech scene features prominently: speakers include Donal Scannell from Gigstarter, and Sulinna Ong Orpheus from Whole World Band. The youbloom Dublin conference ties in with the wider youbloom Dublin festival which will host over 60 free gigs across five stages in Dublin’s Dame Street area from June 12th – June 14th. More info HERE.

FYI: If you’re ever in Dublin, and like the rock ‘n’ roll, we’d suggest a pilgrimage to Whelans:

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