Your Dublin Moment Of Zen: Coolest Projects

Coderdojo Coolest Projects

A snapshot from the Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: Nathaniel O’Neill (age 10) and unnamed robot friend at this weekend’s CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards in Dublin – the largest kids’ coding awards in the world.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Via The Irish Times: ‘A ‘private’ social media site and an app that allows physically disabled people to communicate using a small physical movement were some of the projects on show at the RDS this weekend. The 4th annual CoderDojo Coolest Projects awards attracted hundreds of Ireland’s best young coders to the event. More than 500 projects were on display, which included an app for journalists to get videos of interviewees when they could not meet face to face, a social networking site that keeps data safe and a game to kill zombies. More HERE.

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