Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 28/05/15

Aidan Kelly Spire

Your daily snapshot from the Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: From the series ‘Spire’ by photographer, DJ and total legend Aidan Kelly.

‘For the last while I’ve been hanging around in weird ways getting ?#?photographs? of all kinds of everyone held up and waiting at the ?#?Spire? ?#?Dublin? It’s been an education in how diverse and brilliant we look and as people the way we react to being sort of ‘left’ waiting. There’s a slight sadness to the time spent here at the centre of the Northside, Like you can’t move on till you meet the next person and then there’s others who for the short time just like sunning themselves or taking selfies. I’m thinking that apart from these onsite I should do a book. Blink and you’ll miss it.’

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Designed by Architect Ian Richie and completed in 2003, the Dublin Spire (AKA the Monument Of Light) stands 121.2 metres high, making it officially the world’s tallest sculpture. It is three metres wide at the base, tapering to a 15 centimentre wide beacon at the top, illuminated by a series of small LEDs. The Spire stands proud on Dublin’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street (formerly Sackville Street) on the former site of Nelson’s Pillar, destroyed (by a bomb) in 1966. Printable nicknames include The Nail In The Pale and The Stiletto In The Ghetto.

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