Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 27/05/15

Your daily snapshot from the Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Andrew Kavanagh Kavaleer

Pictured: A view from O’Connell Bridge by Andrew Kavanagh, CEO of Kavaleer.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Via ‘Dublin is leading the national recovery with more improvements expected over the next year, a new quarterly economic report focused on the Dublin economy says. The Dublin Economic Monitor is a joint initiative of the four Dublin local authorities. It tracks 15 key economic indicators in the city, including employment, housing, commercial property, airport arrivals, port traffic and consumer sentiment… “The Economic Monitor captures Dublin as it re-emerges from the worst recession in a generation. Leaner and more competitive, it is reasserting its role as the powerhouse of the Irish economy, and one of the most vibrant cities globally,” commented John Lawlor, Director of DKM Economic Consultants.’

Download your copy of The Dublin Economic Monitor HERE.

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