Your Dublin Moment Of Yes 25/05/15

Dublin Castle Marriage Equality

Today’s snapshot from The Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: From the courtyard of Dublin Castle, on Saturday afternoon, May 23rd 2015.

From The Irish Times: ‘In the end, two-thirds of Irish voters found it an easy jump from live and let live to love and let love. The scenes in and around Dublin Castle on Saturday were irresistible. For those still feeling conflicted about voting Yes, they will have witnessed the unadorned joy of people whose world they changed for the better and known then that they did the right thing.’ Context HERE.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Dublin is a world leader in key innovative sectors, such as ICT, life sciences, gaming, financial services and food & beverages. This gives startups locating in Ireland easy access to quality staff, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, research institutes and other support services with deep expertise in these sectors. Just one example of innovation is CeADAR (Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research), a world-class creative environment that fosters innovation and supports the development of a team of highly innovative technology professionals. (Via Eibhlin Curley at LEO)

Picture: William Donohue

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