Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 23/03/15

O'Connell Bridge I am City Centre

Today’s snapshot from the centre of the universe.

Pictured: O’Connell Bridge, Dublin, captured by photographer, DJ and total legend Aidan Kelly. Enjoy more of his work HERE.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: O’Connell Bridge is the only traffic bridge in Europe which is wider than it is long. Originally made of rope, it could originally carry one man (and his donkey) at a time. Replaced by a wooden structure in 1801, the current concrete bridge was constructed in 1863: first called Carlisle Bridge, it was later renamed in honor of legendary political leader Daniel ‘The Liberator’ O’Connell (his statue overlooks the bridge). You can watch O’Connell Bridge live HEREAdditional Factoid: Dublin’s second O’Connell Bridge is across the duck pond in St. Stephen’s Green.

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