Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 20/04/15

Ha'Penny Bridge Light Up

Today’s snapshot from the centre of the universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: The Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin. Just because.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Since 2011, padlocks have been appearing on the Ha’penny Bridgethese ‘lovelocks’ are now regularly removed by Dublin City Council, due to the damage caused to the protected structure, which was opened in 1816, and is used by some 30,000 people daily. While the issue has proved somewhat controversial, various creative solutions are being explored, including the establishment of a Valentine’s district nearby, in honour of St. Valentine, whose remains can be found in the nearby Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church. How romantic.

The Ha’Penny Bridge… as featured in the greatest Dublin-shot music video of all time, bar none:

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Photo: Wikipedia (via a Creative Commons 3.0 licence)


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