Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 12/05/15

Stomptown Brass

Today’s snapshot from the centre of the universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: Dublin? Funktown, more like. Rob Grant writes, via

‘I play with a band called Stomptown Brass (an 8 piece New Orleans-style funk brass band from Dublin) and last Saturday night we had a pretty special experience on the streets of Dublin.

We had a gig at Canalaphonic [music festival] on the main stage/barge at 6pm. We then rushed off to another private garden party, but made it back to Canalaphonic just as the last act was finishing.We decided to keep it going and play by the canal, but the security, then the guards, moved us on – much to the dismay of the crowd.

So instead, we start playing “I Feel Like Funkin It Up” as we marched down Camden st/South Richmond st, and ended up with a couple of hundred people following us, singing along, and surrounding us for the next half hour as we played, and held up traffic. The atmosphere was great.’

Don’t believe him? See for yourselves:

Today’s Factoid:  Ireland just moved up one place on the EU Innovation Scoreboard, to the 8th position. And what, exactly, is the EU Innovation Scoreboard? A very good question.

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