Your Dublin Moment Of Zen 07/05/15

Today’s snapshot from the centre of the universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: Approaching Terminal 2 @ Dublin Airport, by Rafa? Wójcicki.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: From: The Irish Times: ‘Tech giant eBay has become the latest multinational to back a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on marriage equality.
Speaking at the company’s offices in Dublin, eBay chief executive John Donahoe said the company was strongly supportive of the referendum: “Globally we always had a very strong commitment to diversity inclusion for the very simple reason that we’ve a diverse customer base – eBay and Paypal have 150 million active consumers around the world, and that by its very nature has diversity in it – and we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce and team produces the best results. When we apply that to Ireland it’s aptly the case here.”

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