Your Dublin Moment of Zen 03/04/15

Dublin Timelapse Ammar Saleh

Your Good Friday snapshot from the centre of the universe.

Dublin Timelapse by Ammar Saleh, who has been studying here for five years:

     I’ve always loved watching time lapse videos–you see places like you’ve never seen them before. And Dublin is such a beautiful city with beautiful old buildings and great architecture. It is pretty inspiring, even if the weather is weird and you get four seasons in one day.
Today’s Dublin Factoid: Tech companies count for over 90% of venture capital in Ireland. We have 8/10 global ICT companies, 3/6 top global gaming companies, 9/10 global pharma companies, and 4/8 global financial institutions – pretty good for a small island…

(See Frontline’s Dublin Tech Startup Guide for more)

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