Your Dublin Moment Of ABC: Dublin 26

Dublin Google Alphabet

A snapshot from the Centre Of The Universe. You’re welcome.

Pictured: Pilcrow is an independent design and publishing studio based in Dublin. Pilcrow’s James Kelleher writes: ‘Inspired by Rhett Dashwood’s original Google Maps Typography and the Aerial Bold project, I wanted to make a Dublin-flavoured topographical alphabet. So here they are, all 26 of them, presented in useful alphabetical order. View it in full HERE.

Today’s Dublin Factoid: Via Silicon Republic: ‘Whether it’s the 200 internet of things gateways dispersed through Dublin to monitor the environment, traffic and floods, to sensors that help farmers ensure the ideal steak reaches supermarkets, when it comes to the internet of things, Ireland is in the eye of a perfect storm.’ More HERE.

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