You Startin’? Documenting The Irish Startup Ecosystem

Geektime have created an open source database documenting the Irish startup ecosystem.

Geektime is the largest international tech blog located outside the U.S., focusing on global innovation and highlighting startups from across the world. They also happen to be our media partners.

In recent months, editor Rinat Korbet and her team have published a series of engaging and informative articles and listicles dissecting the Irish tech and startup community.

Now they’ve created a unique and increasingly comprehensive open source database of the Irish startup ecosystem, which is where you come in. Over to Rinat:

‘In this database you’ll find details about Ireland’s startups, investors, funding rounds, exits, IPOs, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and much more.

Feel free to add, edit, or comment. The idea is to crowdsource information for the benefit of the entire Irish startup ecosystem. If you’re not on the list and would like to add your name, feel free to do so. Also, if you’re an angel investor and would like to amend your entry, please do. We hope this list will be useful to Irish investors and startups as well as to individuals all over the world looking for an entry point into the Irish market.

The file is already up-to-date with names and contact details of almost 1,500 startups and more than 20 angel investors who actively invest in Irish startups. You can also learn about important events, past and future, from our spreadsheet.’

To enter the spreadsheet, and make your own contribution, click HERE.

Also, as a special bonus for our international readers, here’s a handy guide to the local vernacular:

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