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Catalysing engagement between the multinationals, the successful homegrown companies, and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, is one of Dublin’s signature potentials. How to avail of it, though?

The Dublin Business Innovation Center has been aiming to find that out through its event, Silicon Stroll, held in 2014 and 2015. This year Dublin BIC is making it bigger, louder, and has an ambition to engage a larger crowd to cook up those exciting collaborations. Here is what some of its speakers had to say about why Ireland is a great place for tech.

Ireland’s a great place for tech because…


Lauren Morris, Vodafone:
[It has] highly skilled workforce, full of ambition, creativity and drive. Propensity of global and EU HQ of top ICT companies creating an industry buzz, [which are] all driven by the fantastic ICT infrastructural assets we have in terms of mobile, broadband and cloud and hosting services.

Google- Russell Boland

Russell Boland, Google:
We have an amazing international workforce, a strong education system and a long history of creativity and innovation. It’s a very easy location to work in!


François Chopard

Francois Chopard, Starburst Accelerator:
[Ireland has] great culture of creativity and innovation. The presence of multinationals in Ireland is an excellent training ground for innovators who branch out and create their own businesses, bringing solutions to large global corporations. Of course, also all the amazing people here ready to conquer the world!


Brian Jordan, Cisco:
Ireland is proving itself to be at the forefront of creative thinking for the modern world. Our strong educational system coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, excellent infrastructure for running a business, and an appropriate legislative environment is driving this country forward into the future.

David Moloney- Movidius

David Moloney, Movidius:
Ireland has historically been a centre of innovation and has been producing high-quality engineers and scientists for centuries from its Universities. That coupled with an open culture and the fact that we are English-speaking makes it easy to build and scale businesses. Incentives like the corporation tax rate and R&D tax credits mean that it is more cost-effective to do R&D in Ireland than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Feargal Brady- BlueFace

Feargal Brady, Blueface:
We’re a can-do nation, or certainly we’ve become one. Try living in some other European countries and you soon realise what an amazing place Ireland is for starting and growing a business. Sure we have problems, but for a startup it’s unrivalled.

Don O'Leary. Fennell Photography Copyright 2014

Don O’Leary, Stripe:
Between the access to a highly skilled European workforce and ideal location, it’s not surprising that so many of the world’s leading tech companies have scaled their European teams from here.

Newswhip. Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Paul Quigley, Newswhip:
It has good coding weather!

aidan mc cullen RTE

Aidan Mc Cullen, RTE:
Good workforce who can think outside the box. It is a city with the feel of a village.

With a new name and openness for a larger crowd, FutureScope is happening at the Convention Centre Dublin on Tuesday, 31st May.

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