So You Want To Work In Dublin Tech? Chapter Two: Where It’s At

Sponsored by CPL Recruitment: You want to work in Dublin tech. It’s a hive of activity with so many vibrant sectors to choose from. But that’s just the problem. How do you choose?

If there are three standout areas in Dublin tech right now, it’s Information Security, Data Storage and FinTech.

Why are they hot right now and (most importantly) how can you get in on the action?

The market for Information Security positions in Dublin is really heating up. A number of large security corporations such as FireEye and Symantec, have their offices here, and Irish startups like Jumble are growing off the back of the global demand for data security.

There is also a busy InfoSec community with organisations like the Open Web Application Security Project and Chaos Computer Club, and conferences such as IRISSCON. Being an active member of organisations or meetups outside of your role shows a real dedication to your industry and is always a big plus for all tech employers.

Data Storage
Since 2010, there has been a threefold increase in funding in Enterprise storage startups. Irish companies are outpacing the UK in their use of cloud technology: four out of ten Irish firms have started to move to the cloud, compared to only 22% of similar business in the UK.

Dublin-based flash-optimisation tech company NVMdurance is attempting to disrupt the multi-billion dollar storage industry. It is an example of a young Irish company growing fast and shows the strength of the industry right now.

Companies are increasingly outsourcing this function to storage providers like Pure Storage. Noted as the fastest growing company in its industry, this innovative game changer has opened its doors in Dublin, a strong indicator of the sector’s strength in this country. Pure Storage is looking for candidates with a second language, a business strategy many companies are employing as they hope to extend into Europe in the future.

Dublin is quickly becoming a global hub for FinTech innovation. Like Dublin tech in general, this has been assisted in large part by the convergence of international FinTech giants helping to foster a vibrant ecosystem in Dublin.

A number of Irish startups have taken their cues from the emerging trend within Fintech of dealing in risk and managing it effectively: RiskSystem is a startup based in Dublin that helps fund managers who need to conform with EU regulations. Elsewhere, CheckVentory Innovation is another startup that will have all eyes on it for 2016.

The appetite for innovation in Dublin is driving many Irish success stories in FinTech: Realex and Stripe are two exciting and growing examples of this. Global influencers Citi and MasterCard have located their innovation centres here, and software giant Infosys recently announced its decision to establish its first international R&D centre in Dublin. The centre will focus exclusively on FinTech research and development, with 95 jobs for the taking. It’s a sure sign that the industry is heating up fast.

In Conclusion…
When it comes to what employers are looking for, there’s a common thread across the tech sectors: curiosity. You can be the perfect candidate on paper, fulfil all the major requirements. But if you lack a passion for the industry you’re applying for, then you won’t impress. Thinking outside the box and working tirelessly to solve problems only comes from a genuine interest in the industry and truly loving what you do.

No matter what area you choose, make sure you have a burning desire to work there. Dublin has so much to offer when it comes to tech. The next move is yours.

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