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The Law Society Of Ireland are launching a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), designed to give individuals and businesses a greater understanding of the law in the digital era.

LSI Head of Diploma Centre Freda Grealy introduces the project:

I’ve lived on Ringsend Road for the last 16 years, so on a personal level I’ve seen the transformation of the area – Grand Canal is such a great part of Dublin City. I remember the plumes of gasses that came from the sites when they were remediating the land – right where the lovely Il Valentino café is today. The energy, mix and diversity is palpable around the place at all hours of the day and night – okay, so it’s hard to get a seat in my local, Slattery’s, but some good restaurants have opened up and I’ve a very nice pizza place at the end of my road – it’s these little things that make the area special, and Dublin such a great place to be right now.

The Law Society of Ireland has been swift to keep up with Dublin’s digital revolution; that’s why we’re launching a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), beginning on May 12th. The topic – ‘From Start Ups to Grown-Ups – Understanding The Law In A Digital Age’ – will resonate with many of those who are signing up from the United States and other places who may have experienced similar tech explosions to Dublin. From a Law Society point of view, this MOOC in technology law is an opportunity to showcase solicitor talent and highlight how our members contribute to the economy and to the growth of the tech industry.

It also demonstrates our dynamic and open minded approach, in terms of the delivery methods of continuing professional legal education, and marks the next step in our ongoing project of mobile professional learning. The project began in 2008, when we started our first blended learning course on the topic of Judicial Review, which sought to combine a mixture of onsite and online sessions: a popular online discussion forum encouraged interactivity, and made the course more personable and – hopefully! – fun for those taking part.


The Law Society Of Ireland MOOC in Technology Law begins on May 12th – sign up HERE:

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