Toolbox: 11 Great Dublin Cafés (With Decent Wi-Fi)

11 Great Dublin Cafés Decent Wi-Fi

We have high standards for cafés here at Dublin Globe.

Thankfully, Dublin has seen the rise of speciality coffee shops in recent years, partially triggered by the phenomenal success of networking hub 3fe and its creator, Colin Harmon – a must-visit, as much for its place in Dublin’s startup culture as a place to relax.

If you’re new to Dublin, or here on a work trip and desperately in need of an Americano and some downtime, this list will hopefully help. Read on for eleven of our favourite Wi-Fi friendly spots for flat whites, people-watching and the odd plate of gorgonzola on toast.

The Cake Café Down a lane on Camden Street lies the city’s worst-kept secret hideaway. Enjoy tea from an absurdly specific menu, served in darling mismatched crockery, and maybe a sandwich on thick sliced homebaked bread, or the spectacular gourmet beans on toast. And yes, there will be cake. Many tech deals have been brokered here, in as gentlemanly a fashion as possible. They do baking classes, too. @CakeCafeDublin

Foam Café Hidden down a laneway, the decor is a little bit Alice in Wonderland, a little bit David Lynch: religious icons, old children’s toys, plastic flamingos and fairy lights cover the walls. Order a pizza, an omelette or a plate of tapas, and relax on the big squishy chairs near the back. This is a popular destination for freelance coding ninjas, and the occasional startup visionary. @FoamCafe


The Library Bar An underrated treasure, located in the Central Hotel – there’s a very good chance if you show up on a weekday afternoon with your laptop, you’ll be able to work undisturbed with a pot of tea and a biscuit for however long you choose. Stay long enough, and the cream of Dublin’s creatives will pop by for clandestine meetings.

Kaph Depending on the time of day, this is a Zen paradise, or a hive of hipsters ordering elaborate coffees. Try the late morning or the early afternoon, though, and you’ll be fine. One for the health nuts AND coffee fans: there’s matcha, coconut milk and paleo cakes to choose from. Tribal VC have their offices around the corner, as do Dublin Globe. No eye contact, please. @kaphsc

Vice Café Ideal for fans of coffee, forearm tattoos, septum piercings and beards, this speciality café occupies the Rum Emporium and Brazilian Kitchen Wigwam, formerly known as the Twisted Pepper. Beautiful strong coffee is served with milk and sugar in adorable glass jars… and there’s Vietnamese iced coffee for summer days. They also play host to Jim Carroll’s essential Banter sessions. @ViceCoffeeInc

The Fumbally A kind of blissed-out alternate dimension hidden away in Dublin 8, a short stroll from the city centre. The interior is all battered elegance: squishy chairs: come for the 3fe coffee and the seasonal menu, stay for the people watching. We recommend the avocado toast. Dogs are welcome: that’s just how they roll. #fumbally

Wall and Keogh Another Zen destination for tea drinkers, Wall and Keogh specialise in an inspired combination of tea and sushi, with the odd oversized blueberry scone and some homemade granola. Hide away, either in their kitschy 60’s wallpapered basement or outside in their back garden. Located in Portobello, it’s a popular destination for tech and startup types en route to the City Centre. @WallandKeoghTea

Flux Cafe @ Science Gallery Located in one of the city centre’s must-visits, not least if you’re interested in science and tech, this beautiful glass-walled cafe is airy and calm on weekday mornings, though on weekends it fills up. Delicious oversized pastries are served on wooden slabs, and they stock Cloud Picker coffee, Dublin’s first micro coffee roastery. Representatives of Dublin’s tech and/or startup community can usually be found somewhere in the building, working on something amazing that will change your life. @SciGalleryDub

La Dolce Vita One of the most laid back, friendly and un-touristy spots in Dublin’s city centre – while still technically being in the frequently bonkers Temple Bar area. The menu is traditional Italian food done well, but you can also just grab a coffee and a gorgonzola and honey toast and hang out, enjoying the cosy atmosphere. NB: The wireless reception is always splendid.

Blas Café One of the newer additions to Dublin’s ever-expanding café scene, this expansive northside eaterie can be found in The Chocolate Factory, a new creative community developing in the old Williams & Woods building in Dublin on Kings Inn Street… And yes, it used to be an actual Chocolate Factory. Hands down the best brunch in Dublin, and the perfect place to hatch your killer startup. Nice and roomy, to boot. @blascafe.

Roasted Brown Another oasis in the heart of Temple Bar, Roasted Brown occupies the second floor of Filmbase, a centre for Irish filmmakers, filled with creative types wired on flat whites. The coffee comes from their own roastery in London – they fly batches over every two weeks – and they run their own classes in tasting and making the stuff. It also plays home to meetings of the Creatives In Animation Network, a gathering popular with the Irish gaming community. @RoastedBrown

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