Notes From The Commish: Wonderful Women Speak Up!

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From the desk of the Dublin Commissioner For Startups:

A simple idea occurred to me over the weekend.

I was thinking about how many times I’ve spoken in Dublin over the last 6 months: at government committees, VC conferences, universities, accelerators, associations, community and corporate events. Public speaking has been a new and enriching experience for me and I’ve learned a lot from it, while hopefully sharing an interesting perspective or two.

I’m taking a well earned (by me and my audiences!) break from speaking for a while, but the invitations are still there and I’d like to pass them on. More importantly, it’s pretty clear to me that our community is missing out on the voices of a lot of great startup women in Dublin. I meet confident and inspiring women here every day, but I rarely see them take the floor. As Rhona Togher, the CEO of Restored Hearing puts it: “Event organisers say they have difficulty finding women. Rubbish! Fabulous women are doing wonderful things on every corner”.

I agree 100% with Rhona. I also think convenience is an essential ingredient for change, so maybe we just need a list. Thus, I’m delighted to announce (trumpets please) the launch of the Wonderful Women Speakers (and Judges) Panel –  a Gdoc, for starters, that will take a solid 7 seconds to complete.

So, if you’d like to speak or judge startup community events, add your details and we’ll start building and promoting the list. If it starts to gather momentum, we can ask a sponsor to cover some media training too.  Speaking of media, you can also sign up for Margaret E Ward’s great Women on Air initiative to get your voice heard on the airwaves across Ireland and beyond.

Change may come slow, but let’s get started and move it steadily along.



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