Why Dublin? The Dublin Data Initiative Gets Into Gear

The Dublin Data Initiative Gets Into Gear DublinGlobe.com

The launch of the Dublin Data Initiative marks the next critical evolution of Dublin’s startup ecosystem.

A taskforce featuring Startup Genome, Dublin’s Startup Commissioner, Dublin City Council, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce teamed up to map the explosive growth of startup activity in Dublin. This taskforce is building upon previous data gathering work from StartupIreland, and has funding from the leading Irish technology company PCH to ensure that the data initiative remains sustainable.

It’s hard to walk through Dublin these days without feeling the presence of the technology industry, but it’s not so easy to put numbers on just how much of that activity is indigenous startups as opposed to international giants. If you ask a panel of local entrepreneurs to guess how many startups are operating in the city, some will say hundreds while others will guess thousands. All will agree that it has increased by an order of magnitude in recent years. These loose estimates are the best facts we currently have on what’s going on in Dublin’s startup economy.

I’m all too aware that life as a startup founder means being too time-strapped to spend much time thinking about anything besides your own commercial survival. However, we Irish also seem culturally reluctant to promote ourselves, with relatively few Irish profiles on Crunchbase, AngelList or StartupGenome. As a result, Dublin is unjustly absent from most reviews of the World’s leading startup hubs.

It’s time for this to change. It’s time for us to stand up and be counted, proud to be rebuilding employment and wealth in an otherwise devastated economy. It’s time to finally put Dublin on the global startup map, develop our relations with the other innovation hubs and engineer a better startup economy with fact-driven policy creation.

The Dublin Data Initiative is a funded plan to create a critical mass of accurate information about Irish startups, building upon the existing startup databases of Crunchbase and StartupGenome.  This data will be open and not owned by any party. We welcome everyone to contribute, use the data as they wish or embed the StartupGenome visualization tool on their own web sites.

To complete the job, we need your help. We need to gather both accurate and complete data, so that we can create the first real map of startups in our city. In short, if you work in Dublin in a small company with big plans, we need you to create or take control of your company’s Crunchbase profile, and encourage your peers to do the same. Crunchbase is the de-facto international listing of startup companies, and by taking ownership of your profile you will make sure your company looks credible to people outside of Ireland. More importantly, every new Crunchbase profile brings us all one step closer to realizing our small country’s potential as the gateway innovation hub connecting Europe and America.

StartupIreland has already given this campaign a boost by inputting its own data on startups into Crunchbase. The StartupGenome team is currently busy adapting its systems to handle this data. The Dublin Data Initiative volunteers will be convening to do a massive data cleanup, after which we’ll be coordinating with national and regional data champions to help complete the picture.

If you’d like to help put Dublin on the international startup map, please let us know!

Niamh Bushnell is the Dublin Commissioner for Startups.

Who is Involved?

Startup Genome is a not-for-profit based in the United States, funded by the Kauffman Foundation. Their goal is to work with startup communities in different regions to liberate data on startup activity and innovation.

The Dublin Startup Commissioner Supported by Enterprise Ireland and Dublin City Council, the Dublin Startup Commissioner is an independent office promoting Dublin as a global tech hub for startup and scaling companies

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce is Ireland’s oldest business association, and aims to represent the interests of all business in the Dublin region.

Cork-headquartered PCH is one of Ireland’s leading technology companies, founded in 1996 by Liam Casey. PCH designs custom manufacturing solutions for brands such as Apple, as well as handling logistics and supply chain management. PCH is also headquartered in Shenzhen and San Francisco.

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