Video: Content Marketing – Getting It Right

Welcome to the latest Nothing Ventured video…

A few words from Nothing Ventured host (and Phorest CEO) Ronan Perceval on the latest instalment:

Last week, I sat down with Connor Keppel, the CMO of Phorest, to discuss Content Marketing. There is an awful lot of noise out there about this topic, both from people talking about its importance, but also in terms of the huge increase of content being pushed out there.

We discuss some of the best content marketing out there, from Hubspot and Moz in the US to what Ruby & Duke are doing from Ireland with BowWow Times. Connor’s main points were that:

-Most content marketing out there is pretty rubbish and unless you create stuff that is genuinely interesting or engaging for your target audience then don’t bother.
-As a business you need to invest in it properly, at least one person full time.
-The next couple of years are all about video?—?so hire someone with video skills. This will set you apart from your competition.

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