Toolbox: How To Hire In A Super-Hot Tech Market

Dublin Is Hiring How to Hire in a Tech Market

There’s a new reality in tech recruitment in Dublin.

More employers are making more offers to the (largely) same pool of candidates. Developers are getting on average three or more offers. For every employer who makes a successful offer, two are unsuccessful. Think about that.

Based on what we see, these are the six things that the most successful companies do to hire the best talent:

1) They move fast. Companies who make offers and get contracts out fast tend to get the best people. If you think of recruitment as a funnel, it’s the bumps at the bottom that wreck the most havoc. If a company can’t get an offer out fast and follow up with a contract they will lose the best people.

2) They make good offers. Very few people will say that money is the most important factor when selecting a role. But very few people chose the lowest offer. If a company appears to be low-balling on pay they’ll lose the best people.

3) They run a great hiring process. Candidates judge a company based on who they meet in an interview and how those people conduct themselves in the interview. Have your best people meet the people you want to hire. Show them you actually care.

4) They have interesting projects. People want to work on interesting projects, solving interesting problems, with interesting tools. If a company cannot offer this it’s going to have to find something seriously compelling to compensate or accept that they lose the best people.

5) They put talent first. Companies fixated on hiring developers who played GAA in their local parish will fail. Culture fit is not an excuse for xenophobia. The best companies see the local talent pool as half a billion people with permission to work in Ireland. They are open to getting work permits for the other 6.5 billion.

6) They pay for recruitment. Nobody likes paying for recruitment but all of the best companies do it. They pay by investing executive’s time in the process, running referral campaigns and internal promotions, sourcing, and using external service providers. Companies who don’t invest in recruitment lose the best people.

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