The biggest worldwide online pitching competition is happening right now

Are you tired of spending a lot of time and effort looking for the next unicorn? What if you could do that from your couch or office chair with a coffee in your hand? Well now you can with Global Pitch.

Either apply as a startup or if you want to be part of the Jury, you can apply here too. 

As a startup, being part of the competition can give you worldwide visibility and access to a number of prizes. As a member of the jury, you will get acquainted with startups from all around the world, develop relationships and create opportunity.

How to pitch or to get into the Jury? As startup apply before April 22nd.

If it’s the jury you want to join, simply choose the categories you are interested in, screen and evaluate the startups online between May 5th and May 14th and be part of the finals, with the top 15 companies presenting online on May 22nd. The finals will include a big showdown with live scoring of the finalists from around the world. 

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