Tech Humans Of Dublin # 35: Russell Banks, Investor Sheet

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time

I’m the CEO of Investor Sheet, I provide a tool that makes it easier for startups and investors to basically share information, and take the pain out of their relationship.

I‘m invested in the startup community here. I curated Startup Digest for a long time, I’ve participated in, mentored, and produced a lot of events for Startup Weekend, and then I have a quarterly event that I do myself called Dublin Beta, a meetup for early stage startups. We get sixteen of them into a room together, and bring a couple of hundred of people along to see what they do, it’s their first shot at some real validation. That’s probably where my heart is in terms of all the events that I’m involved with. In each case, somebody needed to do it, and I just went and did it.

When I started the Digest, I was lucky to pull together two or three events a week. Now, typically it’s between twenty and thirty. The community’s pulled together in an amazing way. You can always very quickly spot a genuine event, put together by people doing it for the right reasons, because they’re passionate about what they’re doing and want to learn. The networking is almost a side effect. So many of the companies that arrive here are always amazed to find out there’s so much going on. It makes them feel at home.

I always say that our competitive advantage is our community. We naturally like to network, to help the other person out. That’s just our natural, innate behaviour. I know companies who have looked at London, or Berlin, and they have all this stuff, but it’s kind of cold. Then you come here, and it’s electric. It’s dynamic. You’ve got the large companies coming in, the tier one startups, Irish people and international people setting up businesses here… It feels like the foundations for an international hub.

Why do I do what I do? I believe that there are better ways out there to exchange information. And I hope to make some money proving it (laughs).


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