Tech Human Of Dublin: Gina Quin, Dublin Chamber Of Commerce

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I love the sea. That’s my passion in life, sea swimming. I was in yesterday, 7 and a half degrees.

I’m the CEO of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, and we are the representative body for business in the greater Dublin region. We’re about representing business, but also representing Dublin. We like to be at the heart of what really drives the city forward, in terms of policy and investment, and also in terms of it being a great place to live, work and visit.

Tech and startups are an essential part of the makeup of Dublin, and we would have worked very closely with businesses, the city management and the government to make sure they were absolutely recognised as such. It’s an incredibly important part of the fabric of the economy here. It attracts talent, it attracts investment, and brings Dublin’s reputation to the world stage of innovation and tech. We’re hugely supportive of this whole area.

The city has really been able to capitalize on the recession, and bring a whole generation of ambition around tech and innovation and entrepreneurship. There’s nothing like necessity to create drive and ambition, and I really think that Dublin has created, rather quietly in global terms, a real ecosystem of technology companies and startups that are bouncing off each other, trading ideas, talented, investment, and now attracting all sorts of attention on the world stage. It’s a really exciting time to be in Dublin.

What we would like to see now is this tech be further embraced within the city itself; that the technology we’re creating be utilized to make the city work better, and be adopted by the government and the managers of the city. A Smart Dublin that can serve as a beacon of tech and innovation, and serve as a genuine testbed for companies, and a model for global innovation.

The size of Dublin is perfect for connections, and for individuals developing their social capital in a business environment. It’s also a fantastic place to live and work. Sure, it can always be better, move quicker, be less expensive to live in, but we have a lot of the infrastructure that enables us to operate seamlessly as a global provider of technology. I think we’re quite unique, in that sense. We have a globally connected FinTech sector, for example, underwritten by some amazing Irish startups.

I’m a Dub, and I’m passionate about the city. I’ve lived here all my life, and reared my family here. I couldn’t find myself in a better place where you can actually connect with people, at all levels, and spark ideas. To have that sense of actually being able to make things happen, that you might not get in a city of 10 or 20 million. That’s a very special thing.

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